Mental Wellness Tips That Families Can Benefit From

Doesn’t it bother you when you tune in to reality TV shows and see family members bickering and sometimes physically fighting with each other? It is evident that these people do not mind quarreling in front of the camera since they want to be authentic. Their goal is to present how they live their lives and wait for the audience’s reactions.


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How To Become Successful and Be Humble At The Same Time

Success is something that every one of us wants to achieve; however, the important part of success is maintaining its level or increasing it further, improving one’s life and those around you. If the result of your success leads to a ballooned ego and self-serving tendencies, then it is best to examine your priorities and reflect on your actions.



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A Healthy Productive Life Is In Your Hands: Try These Life Hacks

There is always room for improvement. This is particularly true in our lives. People are still on the lookout for tips and hacks to better their daily routines, home, and work tasks. After all, we can learn a thing or two from experts and other people. It is often wise to share notes with other people who share the same concerns and interests as you. Make this year a better year by trying out these hacks to make life a little bit easier. made some recommendations on this too.


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Don’t Settle For The Mediocre Life



People say life is full of ironies. School system preaches following the rules and regulations but entrepreneurs, business tycoons, and media influencers are encouraging people to think outside the box and disrupt the status quo. Media is both promulgating real beauty and perfect beauty. Some advertisement campaigns would celebrate facial quirkiness and uniqueness: wrinkles, freckles, tooth gaps, etc. but others would show flawless, porcelain and poreless skin. Religion teaches us the money is not something to chase and seek but people find security in their possession and amount of money in their bank account. They say that the only constant thing in life is change but in the course of the pursuit of happiness, happiness is associated with contentment.

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Facing Sadness To Prevent Depression

Depression as a mental disorder gets a lot of attention and media mileage nowadays. It can be due to various factors. Some due to a traumatic experience causing grief as discussed by Some believe that more than ever, people are finally naming and facing their problems –depression- and speaking out about their struggles and trials in dealing with the symptoms as well as possible treatment modalities. Also, a good number of artists – actors, singers, and authors – are experiencing depression; thus, the extensive discussion of the breakdown of so and so.  However, sadness and depression are two different things.

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Self-Awareness: The First Step Towards Success




In school, people learn about math, science and technology and languages. We master these subjects because frequently, we were told to excel in these fields to succeed in our career path in the future. Because of the traditional view of success and academics, the present curriculum is neglecting essential aspects that should be integrated and not only taught in a particular subject but instead practice and promoted in school as well in the family and the community. At times, people are perfecting their skills in different expertise and pursuits that they fail to become experts in understanding themselves and their relationship with people around them. Experts recommend achieving a right amount of self-awareness to make success not only in your career but in different pursuits you have in life.  We have encountered the term, “self-awareness” from time to time, maybe through our books or psychology articles but fail to grasp the definition and various ways to embody the word.

Self-awareness is having keen understanding and realization of one’s personality with the inclusion of your strengths and weaknesses, thoughts and beliefs, emotions and motivations. The term, first used in 1972, in the theory of objective self-awareness where it presented that if people focus their attention on their inner selves that will result in a comparison between current behaviors and mindsets with their general standards and core values.

To develop and increase one’s self-awareness, try these suggestions:

Examine Yourself Objectively

Try seeing yourself in a new light without biases, prejudices and derogatory comments.  For most people, their most prominent critic is also themselves. Sadly, people become so critical of themselves that they fail to enjoy and live out their lives because of feelings of insecurity and unworthiness. Learn to accept that like any other human being, you are not perfect. You are bound to make mistakes and encounter trials and failures along the way.

  • Identify your present understanding of things that need improvement and areas that you are good at.
  • Reflect on your accomplishments and achievements you are proud of.
  • Think back to your childhood: What made you happy then? What changes happen and what had remained?
  • Ask the opinion of trusted confidants on how you are as a person and what they feel you need to work on. Take their responses as positive criticisms.




Jot Down Your Plans, Goals, And Priorities

Write down everything but prioritize your goals and set the plan on how to achieve such. It is wise to break it down into workable step by step process. This way it will keep you from deviating from the foreseeable future dreams.


Daily Habit: Reflection

This practice is simple but would also require patience and commitment. It will involve setting aside time for meditation. Meditation just sounds intimidating, but it is in fact, uncomplicated. It can be done by merely, closing your eyes and go over your thoughts. Allot at least 30 minutes to one hour each day, find yourself a quiet room, listen to meditative music, and focus on your breathing. It is said that it works best when accompanied by journal writing.


Simple Ways To Be Happy




In younger days, children dream randomly and varyingly. One day, you want to be a pop star. The next day, you desire to follow the footsteps of famous authors or maybe, be an influential leader someday. As we go through life and all its trappings, we realize that at the end of the day; the most important thing is you are contented and happy. Yes, it would be pretty amazing to live the life of the rich and the famous but would these fascinations be sustainable enough to bring pure joy in our lives. Everybody is in the course of the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is subjective. The definition is based on the preference and the gauge of individuals. However, many research on the subject identified specific facts to attain happiness.


Embrace the idea of contrasting feelings simultaneously.

As the psychologist Jonathan Adler puts it – it is when we acknowledge and accept the difficulties in life, that we can be successful in finding our psychological well-being. It is the idea that happiness is derived from identifying and accepting the vast scale of emotions both good and bad. Together with his colleague Hal Hershfield, Adler performed a study on the experience of having mixed feelings and its relation to the positive and psychological status of an individual. The results concluded that feeling happy and being gloomy altogether was an antecedent to the improvement of well-being in the following sessions. It is a mixture of the good and bad that somehow lessen the gravity of the unhappiness and allowing the opportunity to see the positive behind the adverse circumstances is in a way supportive of healthy psychological status.




Keep your happy friend close to you. Literally.

It is best to have a happy friend living at least a mile away.  The Framingham multigenerational study on happiness concluded this premise. The investigation started in 1948, and it tracked three generation of Framingham residents and their offspring to identify the trends and patterns of joy in the population. These are few exciting results of the study.


Personal happiness flows through groups of people like contagious flu.

When you add happy people to your life, the tremendous positive effect, it will have. The opposite of this is sadness.

The nearness of your close friends and neighbors has the most significant effect on happiness.


Master a new skill that challenges you.

Be open to new challenges ahead despite the added stress that is pursuing something. The benefits of investing your time and energy in mastering specific skills were documented in a study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies in 2009. Participants who spend hours on activities which promote competency, autonomy and social interaction reported to have decreased happiness level at that particular moment but increased in happiness when measured on a daily and hourly basis.




Consider investing in good counseling sessions.

There are numerous posts on social media platforms stating that money, in fact, can buy happiness as long as you know where to shop. However, experts believe that your money can be more effective in achieving happiness when spent on regular and scheduled counseling sessions. Chris Boyce, a psychologist, compared sets of data from thousands of report on well-being and noted how this change transpired due to therapy or increase in income.