What I Told My Therapist I Do To Overcome Depression

Depression is a common problem that we all handle differently. I know some that choose to ignore their symptoms because they can still get by despite being mentally unstable. Some probably lock themselves in their rooms only to feel safe regardless of being alone. But for me, I work on getting rid of my mental health issues in a way that others probably won’t consider. So, here’s what I told my therapist I do to overcome depression.

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I Walk Outside Alone For Hours

I don’t entirely consider this an exercise, but if that’s what my therapist and others see, then okay. When I am depressed and a little bit anxious about something, I often gear up and start going outside for a walk. Not because I want to exercise or something but because I don’t want to get stuck in the house thinking about the same issues repeatedly. I prefer to see many things outside, which somehow makes me get rid of whatever is bothering me. Of course, there are chances that it doesn’t work because sometimes, once I get home, I immediately go back to that self-loathing state. But most times, it helps me forget what issue I ever had because I experienced or saw something interesting outside while walking. And the fact that I get home exhausted for hours of the walk makes me feel calm and less worried.

I Sleep For Longer Periods

Sleeping for longer hours has a lot to do with the longer time I also spent walking outside. That’s the great thing about physical exhaustion. Once I get back home, it seems like I don’t have enough time to think about what’s bothering me because my body tells me that I should immediately get some rest. I like the feeling that I can sleep all my emotional and mental issues away. But don’t try to think that these are the best coping skills either because it doesn’t entirely eliminate that emptiness and loneliness I have when I am depressed. However, sleeping for longer periods makes me relax and just ease away when I think about doing bad stuff to myself. So I guess it works fine, just the way I wanted it.

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I Listen To Loud Music

I get it. A lot of people I know used to think that I’m doing this coping mechanism wrong. Most of my family and friends think I should listen to soothing music to calm my mental state down. But instead, I listen to loud hard-rock singles. I like this because of the loudness it gives that irritates me to the point that I tune it up more and more. I like how loud music makes me feel uncomfortable because I get to practice my self-awareness, calmness, and mindfulness while there’s obviously a damaging distraction. Do you get the point? I mean, the more I engage with this type of music, the more I become in control of my mental state. Despite hearing all those pumping sounds, I can learn to control my mind to stay on track to whatever I wanted to focus on. It is somewhat a harsh process of mental conditioning, but I like it.

I Flirt With Strangers On The Phone

No, I am not encouraging everyone to try this coping mechanism, especially those in a relationship, because this one’s a negative habit, and I am aware of that. It can cause a serious problem. But for some reason, flirting with strangers on the phone is so helping me get rid of my depression. Perhaps that is because I can socially engage and constantly communicate with other individuals digitally with anonymity. I somehow like the idea that I get to be a different person when talking to someone on the phone. Since I can be a different person, it helps me remove that emotional and mental state that my current persona no longer had to deal with. Therefore, I like that I am not me at those particular times. And the best thing about flirting with strangers on the phone is that I can positively talk good things about myself, which honestly makes me want to work on getting it eventually.

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I understand that these coping mechanisms are not as positive as everyone can think of, but I am used to this. It works better for me all the time. But I also understand that these methods may be dangerous to some extent, so I do not want to advocate for them. It is still best that people find the best coping strategies that they can feel comfortable doing. And if their depression is a lot worse than anyone can imagine, it would be best that they do not hesitate to seek professional help immediately.