Optimism is a healthy mental attitude that encourages hope, confidence, resilience, and effort to succeed. It is a futuristic perception about how one achieves things through a focused expectation of good things despite having many unfavorable outcomes.

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Perhaps you deal with life stressors that you probably thought you could not handle. That is normal. There are certain times that life incidents can sometimes cause too much pain and agony. In some instances, the suffering is worse where it breaks you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. But the focus here should not come from those things that bring you stress, anxiousness, and even mental health problems. The point of experiencing all of those negative things is to encourage you to be strong and aware of your capabilities as a human being, and part of that strength is your optimism.


Optimism is a healthy mental attitude that encourages hope, confidence, resilience, and effort to succeed. It is a futuristic perception about how one achieves things through a focused expectation of good things despite having many unfavorable outcomes. Optimism is the ability to see silver lining solutions in ever negative situations. It can encourage better physical, emotional, and psychological well-being as it helps develops coping skills during stressful times.

Essence of Optimism

Optimism is essential, especially when dealing with many issues that affect life balance, particularly touching self-awareness, relationships, social connections, community involvement, work, school requirements, responsibilities, etc. Optimism promotes an excellent development of understanding and acceptance of things that are sometimes out of one’s control.

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Instilling Optimism

Though some people are born with such high optimistic values, it does not mean that it is exclusive. You can learn to become more optimistic when you:

Focus On The Positive

A positive outlook in life is essential as it helps you cope more easily with the daily stressors. It makes you avoid worries and unnecessary negative thinking that hinders your productivity. But note that optimism does not mean that you should ignore problems and challenges in life and pretending that they do not exist. Instead, optimism simply makes you aware of your goals, health, and well-being.

Optimism is keeping Your Circle Healthy

One important factor that keeps optimism at bay is surrounding yourself with a good influenced circle. The people you engage with every day contribute a lot to your overall life perspective. Thus, you have to make sure that positivity is always present among the peers you engage with as these people focus on building collaborative win-win relationships with you.

Think Of Problems As Temporary

A great way to focus on optimism is by starting to think about your problems as temporary ones. Of course, there are instances that some of the life struggles you will face are more than complicated to handle. But to gain that positive vibe, you need to start breaking down your life issues and solve them one at a time. That way, you won’t get too overwhelmed or stressed in handling everything in just a short amount of period.

Acknowledge What You Can’t Control

There are times that you might think about optimism as something that only promotes false hope and control. But that is farther from the truth. Optimism allows you to look at the bigger picture. It brings you back to reality as it promotes the need to tell yourself the truth that makes you acknowledge what you can and can’t do. It reminds you to be mindful of the difficult situation to accept whatever doesn’t go your way. Always remember not to try to become perfect.

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Change Your Way Of Thinking

The best way to become more optimistic is to change your thinking abilities. You have to become more attentive to your feelings and thoughts, and that should start by creating positive affirmations about what you want in life. Learn to apply a pause when needed and stop when you have to. Face your fears and become more aware of your happiness instead of sadness. Allow positivity to come in by attracting more constructive energy through your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects.

Practice Gratitude

An essential factor of optimism is gratitude. It motivates you to give your best on everything no matter what. It promotes optimism as you become more appreciative of the good and bad things of life. It makes you enjoy what you already have and pushes you to complete satisfaction and contentment. Practicing gratitude more develops optimism as you learn to absorb, savor, and genuinely pay attention to good things in life. Cultivate positivity and recognize the bad thinking habits.

Learn From The Mistakes Through Optimism

Everyone is capable of becoming an optimist. But it should start by learning from the mistakes. You should never blame or feel sorry for yourself whenever things crumble down. Take that moment as an opportunity to learn and evolve. Optimism is supported by great self-value as you walk through uncertain paths. Therefore, focus more on finding and learning the right self-encouragement, tolerance, and perseverance, required for success.

Find optimism!