Counseling Journey


Have you tried counseling?

I was “patiently” waiting in an office that the company counselor recommended for me to visit before she signs my mental health clearance. It was for a counseling appointment. Had it not been for the annual clearance, I wouldn’t spend time here waiting for a counseling session with a counselor. It’s a waste of time if you ask me.

Interacting with a counselor

I was on counseling, sharing my thoughts and feelings. It is an investment that requires commitment. You couple time, money, and energy to process



Counseling was not my thing. I never wanted counselors.

I couldn’t consider counseling before. But how could I get into counseling?

So what if I work from 7 in the morning until 7 at night? The company would love that I am a very dedicated editor and I have nothing else to do. It was something like a “work-life balance” thing that I was told repeatedly, but I couldn’t. I am facing a forced leave at work or this counseling and therapy whatever.

Could Counseling Help?

Reason For Going To The Counselors

“Counseling could be an investment that requires commitment. You could spend time, money, and emotional energy to process and solve problems.”

Guidance isn’t that bad after all.

The counseling was a new setup for me since I liked rooms that are bright. I need the light because when I read, the place has to be clear. This counseling with the counselor thing is starting to become interesting…

Representation of myself in counseling

woman talking to a professional. Comfortably going through her counseling.

Introduction To The Session

“Hello, Katrina.” Said the counselor in the counseling session. “Would you like to sit?”

That was weird. In counseling, could counselors really ask their clients to lie down? Could it help with the counseling session?

The counselor asked me some questions, basic ones, and we even had a good laugh. It didn’t feel like counseling at all, but it was a refreshing hour. I realized what Carmen Gehrke, LMHC had to say, “counseling gives you permission to allow you to feel the pain and know that it’s valid.” Before I left, the counselor also said that she looks forward to seeing me next week. Do you know what I said to the counselor during counseling?

I said, sure, I’d love to chat with you some more.

Sharing my feelings in counseling:

Counseling health benefits


The counseling made me realize that I had to have the courage to socialize. Maybe other people would also like to have my company? I’m sure that I’m not dull. I have proven that with my counselor during our counseling sessions.

It’s just that I have to make an effort to put myself out. That’s the word, effort.

Counseling Afterthoughts/Conclusion

How do I feel about counseling now?

When I returned to work the next day, I gave the envelope to my supervisor and sat on the couch in her office. She said, “Your counselor said that there is no major issue with you, but that I have to be strict with your schedule at work. No overtime ever for the next 12 months, and that I make sure you go out for drinks with workmates.” And that was it!

So yes, I guess, I needed counseling services.

“Counseling is an empowering process in which people take responsibility for and control over their lives,” says Brittany N. Murphy, PhD, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH. And yes, she’s right.

Counseling helped me take a refreshing moment from work. It helped me realize that it does not limit its service to serious mental health sicknesses, rather it helped me care for my mental health against pressure, stress, and anxiety. Counseling helped me breathe through short chitchat with an awesome counselor.

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