Relationship Lessons You Should Hold Onto According To A Family Therapist

You might have heard many things that most people say when it comes to strengthening a relationship. Perhaps you can even enumerate some of those qualities you think are necessary to lengthen the commitment. Of course, there’s love, kindness, patience, care, trust, loyalty, understanding, and so on. There are just too many to mention. Unfortunately, some of these are broad and are entirely inapplicable for most situations since these things are damageable. With that, here are the lessons that you might want to hold onto to strengthen your relationship.


Allowance For Mistakes

No relationship is perfect, and love alone cannot guarantee to make it last. At some point, the possibility that you or your partner would commit an unforgivable sin is high. In some cases, a mistake can easily multiply into a dozen ones. With those unfortunate circumstances, the question would be that are you willing to forgive and forget wholeheartedly? Or will you hold that grudge until you finally break down and throw everything?

It is vital to understand that though it is easy for people in the relationship to say that they will stick with their partners no matter what, a single mistake can entirely end everything. But if you are brave enough to handle the pain and are willing to endure the anguish, that is only the time you can say that you love the person unconditionally.

Of course, most people would think you are crazy for staying in a toxic relationship that could cause you much mental and emotional pain. But that’s the relationship. It does not go as planned. The uncertainties, temptations, misunderstandings, and complications are part of it. To understand what commitment is all about, you need to ask yourself if you can be willing to provide an allowance for mistakes.


Be Each Other’s Inspiration

A relationship is not all about sugar and butterflies on your stomach. Though it can make you feel worthy of something, you need to acknowledge that maintaining it is genuinely hard work. Two different individuals wanting different things can be a lot complicated than you think. Relationships are always full of choices which are sometimes you and your partner wouldn’t be able to agree together.

Growth is more important than togetherness. It allows the two of you to develop whatever will make you become a better person individually. So before you waste your time doing favors and sacrificing everything for your significant other, you have to ask yourself if your relationship contributes to both your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

Relationships are given and take. Both you and your partner must accept and become each other’s inspiration. You shouldn’t become each other’s enemy. Accept one another and never put any conditions in between the relationship. Communicate and secure each other’s mental and emotional health.

Share Love With The Lord

Fortunately, some relationships tend to last a lifetime. There are love stories that end happily ever after despite struggling with lots of uncertainties over the years. The edge of these relationships is their love for God. If you and your partner can put God in the center of your relationship, you can be sure to get a deeper understanding of true love, care, sacrifices, and trust. You will be able to secure loyalty, honestly, and acceptance within one another.

When you prioritize God is in your relationship, He can help you become mentally stronger and emotionally intelligent. Both of you can let go of what others think of you. You can live your lives peacefully without worrying about the future. God will guide your relationship to become more forgiving and understanding towards each other. He will not let you fall to the bitterness, wrath, and anger of any unfathomable situations.

So if you want to make your relationship last, you have to entrust yourselves with the Lord. Worship Him and pray together with your significant other. Serve Him as a couple and give thanks together. Allow God to lighten your way to a meaningful and faithful commitment. You might not see this point as the most important thing to do, but soon you will realize that a relationship that follows God’s rules is always the one that is blessed eternally.


There is exactly no way you and your partner will make it to the end without obstacles in a relationship. So you have to understand that everything good about it is all up to the effort both of you are willing to invest. It is not about who can give and sacrifice more. And it is not about who can do what’s right. It is always the two individuals that understand the needs of each other regardless of words, time, and ability.