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The Power of Journaling In Psychology

What’s on your mind?

For most of us, we tend to express ourselves by telling others about our feelings and opinions. Others would like to record theirs by keeping a journal or diary that only they can read. The present generations – the millennials – are very modern to document their life events and share it on social media for all the world to see. Whatever is the mode or manner of sharing our lives with the rest of humanity, these forms allow expression of ideas, bring mental clarity and somehow eases our life burdens.


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When Overconfidence Becomes A Barrier To Success


When the universe conspires with all our hopes, dreams and goals, it is easy to feel on top of the world. When everything we planned comes to fruition, it can inflate our ego and self-esteem. When society floods us with appreciation, praises, and compliments, it often leads to a feeling of superiority and a sense of indestructibility. While confidence is highly prized upon, it should be accompanied by accurate assessment and an ample amount of humility. It is wise to acknowledge the fact that you are, after all, human, made with flaws and imperfections.

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Should You Quit Your Job?

When it comes to establishing your work or career path, the first thing that you need to consider is your happiness. Always remember that your well-being must be your top priority. Do not choose a job that you are not interested in. Stop forcing people in the workplace to like you or vice versa. Keep in mind that doing otherwise will only make you feel unhappy and stressed. If this situation goes on for a long time, there is a possibility that you may become clinically depressed.


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