Broken Family – What Do You Understand About It?

A broken family is what you see as two words that represent failure, incompleteness, less love, and distress. You consider it a thing that negatively impacts your mental and emotional well-being. You know it can cause anxiety, fear, trauma, isolation, and depression. It is something that can make people’s life entirely miserable. But how sure are you to say that you understand everything about a broken family?


Basing Your Judgment On Other People’s Story

Admittedly, you assume that when someone experience having a broken home, they automatically become dysfunctional. Yes, some of the people you knew that grew up in a broken family might not experience the kind of love, support, and care they need. But that does not mean they are not worthy of affection. Basing your character judgment on other individual’s family toxicity is very inappropriate.

You see, people’s lives are different. The way their family affects them might not entirely affect you or anybody else. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that when someone lives or grew up within a broken home, they become less of a person. Yes, some of those people may be a product of abuse, emotional neglect, mental torture, and whatever negativity there is you would want to add. But that doesn’t define who they are.


Individuals living or who grow up in a broken home is not always dysfunctional. Though you heard a lot of them continue their childhood issues to adulthood, that does not mean they can never change. Sometimes, they are more compassionate and understanding compared to those who have a whole family group. And that is because they understand how hard the struggle is living in a society they are forced to pleased every day.

Thus, do not label people base on their family background because there are more into their stories that you might not nor will never understand. You should never weaponize the word “broken family” to degrade or disrespect someone to prove your status to be above them. Do not judge other people’s decisions in their lives because what does not work for you might be the best and only option they have. Be considerate in understanding that life gives everyone a different battle, so does the ability to overcome it.


Expressing Thoughts From Your Experience

Sometimes, the only way you can understand people with a broken family is when you experience having one. From there, you will see how other people easily categorize you as someone who needs extra attention, consideration, and a complete sense of tolerance. Perhaps you might argue that those things are different once you manage to choose which side you are in favor of.

If you are one of those people who pretty much hate the idea of a broken home, and experiencing one right now, then no one can blame you for having an intense emotional dilemma. No one has the right to tell you what to think, feel, and say. It is you who experience the pain of having a dysfunctional family, and no one has the right to judge your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

However, not because you come from a broken family, does not mean you are entitled to become above everyone else. Not because you are prone to the worse cases of mental and emotional pain, it does not mean you are more capable of handling life better. Not because you think you are emotionally mature due to your advanced thinking capacity, it does not guarantee you a spot to become mentally intelligent. You should not use your miserable situation to get back to people because, in the first place, they never wished that to happen to you. Do not use your family as an excuse to hurt yourself and others.


Thoughts To Ponder

There is an overwhelming narrative of aggression, mistrust, and victimhood in every individual’s story that grew up in a broken family. The society infused the words “broken” and “family,” which could relate to guilt, shame, and loneliness. Many individuals use the word “broken family” as a category to segregate other people to an order of value or worth. But despite that, you should learn not to look at the word to describe unfortunate situations. That is because sometimes, having a broken family has a chance to save lives. It can bring the best in people and can change even their unfortunate circumstances.

Whether you come from a broken family or not, it is always important that you understand your worth. You are not broken, neither they are. No one should be sorry for experiencing that kind of discomforting situation. Regardless of their family issues and life battles, everybody deserves a chance. Everybody experiences a painful change in their lives, so no one should use their relationship to define their character and personality.