Things To Know Before Marrying A Lupus Patient 


So, have you either proposed or thought of proposing to your girlfriend who bravely faces lupus as we speak? 

The fact that you are paying attention to this post must mean that the wedding bells are about to ring for you and your beloved. It is a wondrous thing – love is – and you are lucky to find each other. 

Nevertheless, marriage is another chapter of life that can get trickier than ever if you only have the slightest idea of what’s to come. The ups and downs that regular folks experience, after all, may not hold a candle to the challenges in store for couples wherein one of you have an incurable illness. Hence, not to rain on your parade, allow us to remind you of the following things. 

  1. Sex May Not Always Be In the cards 

The first important matter to discuss is your intimate relationship with your bride-to-be. 

Assuming you are a traditional type of individual and you didn’t live together before deciding to get hitched, then perhaps you do not know that sex is not often possible for you two. Lupus, you see, causes the patient’s body to be in pain for a while. Once the symptoms pass, your better half may already be too drained to do something as physically demanding as the horizontal tango.  

If you can handle that in actuality, then you truly deserve your woman’s love. 




  1. She Might Be Unable To Carry A Child 

In case your partner has had lupus for years, there is a chance that she’s tried chemotherapy in hopes of curing the disease. However, if we know anything about the treatment, it is the reality that it targets every cell in the body, regardless of whether it is healthy or not. Prolonged exposure to this method, for that reason, may give her difficulty in conceiving or entirely prevent it from happening. 

Of course, there are other ways to bring a child to the world these days, considering you both want one, and the woman cannot physically go through pregnancy. You merely have to ensure that you are willing to deal with all of that in due time. 


  1. Cure May Still Not Be Available In The Future

Lupus is similar to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other forms of cancer, in the sense that scientists are hard at finding a way to resolve this health condition.  

Are their efforts working, however? Unfortunately, no. Even people like Selena Gomez who undoubtedly have the means to pay for any treatment, no matter how expensive it is, remain stuck with the illness. Hence, you must keep in mind that once you tie the knot with your beloved, you have to accept the fact that she has lupus, and it will not go away anytime soon.  




Finally, we want you to understand these little reminders so that you can avoid giving your ill girlfriend’s disease extras reason to flare up. She already has to undergo many trials and errors while searching for a solution for lupus, and it will not be helpful at all if you give her more stress than support.  

Hence, tap into your heart once again to learn if you are okay with everything mentioned above. Good luck!