Rebuilding Yourself After A Divorce

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Rebuilding yourself was the highlight of the 2019 Relationship Seminar. The 10-week seminar was organized particularly for people who just lost their relationships, going through a divorce, or in the process of rebuilding themselves when their relationships have just ended. The facilitators and speakers were committed to providing healthy ways and means to cope with the difficult challenges that people usually experience during those situations.

Since most participants were going through a divorce and looking for ways to move on, here are some tips for rebuilding yourself during a divorce.

Take Time To Mourn. When you get married, you don’t think, “I can’t wait to get divorced soon!” Whether or not you feel about your divorce, there are definitely feelings of loss and frustration – a sense of loss. Do not brush them off quickly, or they won’t disappear. Face them and give room for them. You lost someone – your partner. You missed something – your marriage. So take time to mourn.

Start Loving Yourself More. Yes, this may sound cheesy, but it is a fact that while going through a divorce or after, most people feel insecure and rejected. Some think that perhaps something is wrong with them because they were not enough for their partner. It’s time to change your mindset. Find activities that would improve your self-esteem or offer relaxation to you, like yoga, group exercises, or social gatherings.


Discover New Things. Believe it or not, there is an upside to divorce – changing or upgrading your lifestyle. The most common change you can do is a haircut. You’ll notice that when you change your appearance, you feel rejuvenated like your old self was transformed into someone better. Perhaps you can take that writing class you’ve wanted to join but just couldn’t. Now, you’ve got that pent-up energy that needs to be released. Go ahead. Do something new. As long as the changes you want are healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally, give them a try.