How To Improve Your Relationship With Others


“Your environment, both your social and natural surroundings, can greatly impact how you feel.” says Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC. Having a positive relationship with other people requires a lot of work. It doesn’t just happen overnight, and you must understand that the exertion of effort is needed to make a significant connection. It requires a certain amount of skills that correspond with your behavior towards others. So here is the list of things you can work on to be able to improve your relationship with those people around you.

Communication – Improving your communication skills is a must. It will allow you to express yourself and be open about the exchange of ideas that others might want to share. It will rapidly build trust and maintain a long-term connection with people. It will add more effectiveness to the relationship that leads to better output and productivity.

Compliments – Try to give positive feedback as much as possible. Instead of focusing on a person’s weakness, try to compliment his positive aspects and express admiration towards it. It will not only give you a chance to make him feel better, but it will also make you realize the positive effect of making people happy about themselves.

Honesty – It is the most critical factor that will make you appreciate what you can give to other people. It will allow you to express truthfulness of what you can only offer. Honesty will be your key to improving your commitments with others and will define you as a person. Remember, “Harsh words are just as damaging whether they come from someone else or whether they come from you,” says licensed psychologist Cindy T. Graham, PhD.

Apology – There will always be a time in our life that we will have some sort of misunderstanding with people. However, we must not take time for granted. We need to realize the importance of apologizing and accepting our mistakes. It will not just lead to a better relationship with others but will also make you appreciate yourself in handling unmanageable situations.

Approach – The way you express yourself always has something to do with interaction with people. Good manners will benefit you and will give you a nice feeling of positive reception. Being polite will make people feel respected. Thus, it will provide you with a lot of chances to gain the same advancement you have given them.


Listen – The value of listening always has something to do with a better relationship. You must know that it is an essential factor that will keep a lasting connection. You don’t have to focus on anything that you intend to say and should rather listen to what others would want to express. You can show empathy just by listening, and it will give you the advantage of knowing a person more deeply.

According to Ben Martin, Psy.D. “Having few or no supportive relationships can increase the risk of depression in both men and women.” Your connection with the people around you is not always perfect. You may sometimes end up arguing about something or have miscommunications for some reason. However, it must not stop you from improving your relationship with others as it will give you an advantage of also getting to know yourself and realize that there are certain things that you can offer them. Your actions and behaviors toward them will help you understand that there are responsibilities you have to accept for you to be able to grow as a person.

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