Facing Sadness To Prevent Depression

Depression as a mental disorder gets a lot of attention and media mileage nowadays. It can be due to various factors. Some due to a traumatic experience causing grief as discussed by https://www.jillgriefcounselor.com/. Some believe that more than ever, people are finally naming and facing their problems –depression- and speaking out about their struggles and trials in dealing with the symptoms as well as possible treatment modalities. Also, a good number of artists – actors, singers, and authors – are experiencing depression; thus, the extensive discussion of the breakdown of so and so.  However, sadness and depression are two different things.

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Sadness is a normal human emotion often associated with unhappy events and situations. Depression, on the other hand, is a mental problem caused by a play of various factors. “Someone suffering depression may know that there is something wrong or different going on. They are not likely to proclaim themselves depressed, however, or be overly receptive to being labeled by you.” Kurt Smith, Psy.D., LMFT, LPCC, AFC said. The most common symptom is a prolonged feeling of sadness and hopelessness affecting the person’s mood, the way of thinking and behaviors. People handle and deal with grief differently, but experts recommend on few tips on how to divert and deal with the sadness. Like any other emotion, it is better to savor the experience of the feeling than to avoid or ignore the depression.  It is believed that maladaptive response and possible cause of mental disorders is due to avoidance of the emotion.


Cry without any filter. Let it out.  There are different types of cry, but frequently, people are afraid to show emotions even to themselves. Society embedded in us that crying is for the weak and losers. But “Crying activates the body in a healthy way,” says Stephen Sideroff, Ph.D. It is associated with the female gender. In fact, some people view crying as a ploy used by women to seek attention, sympathy and manipulate men to their will. Both men and women are allowed to complain because after all, they are human.

Write Horrible Poems

Yes, you read it right. It might be a long time since you have written poetry but writing your sadness through literature is a detoxifying activity and might hasten you back to your old self.

Listen To Music

“Music has such a large impact on our lives! It crosses cultures, age groups and has an effect on everyone. It can make you smile, dance, sing, cry, instantly recall memories like they were yesterday and process emotion.” Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D said. Music therapy is utilized by not only in dealing with mental health issues but also with different forms of ailment. There is diverse music that promulgates the general topic of sadness. Bathe in sad music and melodies. Live through the lyrics of the song. Others would listen to religious or feel good music to put them out of their misery.

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Whether you like it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around, and you still have bills to pay at the end of the month. You wouldn’t want to add more reason to be sad by being fired from your job or getting a demotion.

They Might Notice But Won’t Say Something About It.

You are seeking comfort from others by displaying a sad looking face, detaching yourself from the group, etc. Don’t feel bad if nobody will flat out ask you why you are unhappy. If you need someone to talk to, confide with your closest friends and colleague.

One Day At A Time

Don’t be in a rush to get over your sadness. It will taper down as the days go by. If your depression is related to a singular event, time will lessen the intensity and magnitude of the pain but if the sadness is connected to a lack of an event, take appropriate action towards the results that you wanted.