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Self-Awareness: The First Step Towards Success




In school, people learn about math, science and technology and languages. We master these subjects because frequently, we were told to excel in these fields to succeed in our career path in the future. Because of the traditional view of success and academics, the present curriculum is neglecting essential aspects that should be integrated and not only taught in a particular subject but instead practice and promoted in school as well in the family and the community. At times, people are perfecting their skills in different expertise and pursuits that they fail to become experts in understanding themselves and their relationship with people around them. Experts recommend achieving a right amount of self-awareness to make success not only in your career but in different pursuits you have in life.  We have encountered the term, “self-awareness” from time to time, maybe through our books or psychology articles but fail to grasp the definition and various ways to embody the word.

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Simple Ways To Be Happy




In younger days, children dream randomly and varyingly. One day, you want to be a pop star. The next day, you desire to follow the footsteps of famous authors or maybe, be an influential leader someday. As we go through life and all its trappings, we realize that at the end of the day; the most important thing is you are contented and happy. Yes, it would be pretty amazing to live the life of the rich and the famous but would these fascinations be sustainable enough to bring pure joy in our lives. Everybody is in the course of the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is subjective. The definition is based on the preference and the gauge of individuals. However, many research on the subject identified specific facts to attain happiness.

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